Mid North Coast Junior Cricket Council Hall of Fame - Batting | Mid North Coast Junior Cricket Council
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
189164247015115121339868389Samira MitchellMid North Coast2019/2020L.J HOOKER Under 13 Carnival1 1Hunter Valley
274105477815115121326379674Tom MarchantMid North Coast2019/2020Under 14s Country5 1North Coast
372141867615115121316296072Jack WakelyMid North Coast2019/2020Under 15s Country6 1Far North Coast
467142442915115121340396267*Caleb BlanchMid North Coast2019/2020Macquarie Generation HVJCC U/15's Carnival2 1North Coast
562128541115115121340580162Liam TurnerMid North Coast2019/2020L.J HOOKER Under 13 CarnivalPF 1ADCA
659126374215115121339869959Brad JordanMid North Coast2019/2020L.J HOOKER Under 13 Carnival3 1Manly Warringah
757141756815115121315458257Beau MaineyMid North Coast2019/2020Under 14s Country2 1Newcastle
854141867615115121326389054Jack WakelyMid North Coast2019/2020Under 15s Country5 1North Coast
951105456215115121339386351*Riley MitchellMid North Coast2019/2020Lismore Under 12 CarnivalSF 1Lake Macquarie
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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